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  • I'll kick this off....

    I really like the potential of this product and hope that Garmin puts investment into it. Think like Apple....get kids hooked on the Garmin brand and a healthy lifestyle. Win them as customers as they grow up. (HINT: Hire me into strategic product management, plz)

    A couple things I would like to see:

    -Kid version of the app. Right now the "Vivofit Jr" app is just for the parent/guardian device. It would be GREAT if the kids could use their iPad/iPod to see their step progress, track chores/rewards, etc.

    -Tighter integration into Garmin Connect. It is highly likely that the parent(s) are using Garmin Connect. Would be cool to see dashboards sync'd.

    -Be able to edit the names of default chores and rewards ( can delete them and recreate them but that is annoying)

    I'm sure I will come up with more. Interested to hear others experiences.

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    Ditto on all your suggestions!


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      I also miss a web interface and any long term metrics.

      For that price tag I expected more!


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        Given that Garmin isn't interested in having anybody's data that isn't 16 or older stored on their servers, I'm not sure about the long term viability of Vivofit Jr or similar products. What's the point of getting the whole family on board when you can't save the data long term?

        This becomes more of a Garmin policy debate then anything else. I'm not sure what a hacker would gain by knowing how many steps a child did or how much they weighed (if using an index scale) should that data be leaked. Better yet, make all accounts for users under 18 connection only privacy and have to be opened by a parent account, similar to how a bank would put accounts in trust for minors. Long term, I think there is much to be gained by having activity and health (aka weight/height) data stored as a child grows.
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          How about the setting of alarms - this was released earlier this year. Why restrict it to one alarm?

          My son (6) has a medical requirement to do something every 3 hours and we're left looking at alternatives because of this silly limitation. Something like the Vibralite mini 12 which is quite annoying.