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  • Audiobook transfer

    Anyone have advice on how to transfer audiobooks to the VA3m?
    I can successfully transfer (sync) music via GE but audiobooks are not displayed in GE's GUI so there's no way to Send To Device. No idea why GE will show music but not books.
    I can successfully drag and drop (windows file explorer) mp3s into the Music folder, podcasts into Podcasts folder, but mp3s won't go into the Audiobooks folder. The only workaround I've found is to drop audiobook mp3s into the Music folder then move them into the Audiobooks folder...for some reason the watch allows this action. But it's maddeningly painful and slow.

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    I,m also having problems transferring audiobooks. Shorter books m4b will show up but Not longer books Like 12 hourlong. Did you succeed in transferring books, what format was the book?


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      I did a lot of experimenting. I tried AAC, M4A and M4B format. I tried large files, breaking the book into smaller files. The process is really hit and miss. I found a book under the music folder in the m4a format that did show then put the book I wanted to transfer in that folder and renamed it the book that worked. It would finally transfer but there is something wrong with the garmin express programs ability to recognize audiobooks.