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Vari RTL511 Radar

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  • Vari RTL511 Radar


    I have got a VA3 and think of buying a RTL511 Radar for my road bike. The radar notices cars which come closer from behind when cycling at the street. But will that get displayed on my VA3 or do I need the seperate radar display in addition for that? I didn't find a video where it was displayed on VA3, but RTL511 Radar is compatible with VA3...

    Thank you!

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    I use varia radar 510 with VA3. The trafic info is dipslayed on the right side of the screen. There is few mm width band around right half of the screen by the edge (half circle). When traffic appear the line becomes yellow with white dots coming from bottom to top (by this half circle) showing the distance to you. if there is some fast trafic, the line becomes red. When traffic overtakes you - the line is green, than it dissapears.
    It is quite hard to see the white dots moving on yellow half circel background (they are quite small just may be few pixels size) on the edge of the screen while riding... Would prefer to have head unit, but theris no space on the bar and do not want to spend more...


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      Ok, thank you for the feedback. And does the light automatically turn on/off when starting/ending a cycling activity on VA3? Or do i turn it on/off on the radar itself, without VA3?


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        Backlight on VA3 depends on your activity/watch settings, same way as on any other activity. The radar lights are automaticly on, after you turn on the radar (you turn it on and off by manual button on radar). There are 2 lights options on my radar (if I remember correctly, summer was long time ago): a) 2 leds are always on and other 6 gradually turn on when a car aproches to you b) 4 leds are blinking, another 4 gradually turn on blinking after car aproches. Also as I read there are few versions of radar depeneding on region (german, uk) you buy from. And the lights work according local legal regulation... radar from some regions might have different light work... Mine is from UK.


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          Ok, thank you