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Elevation drift re: barometer - hardware fix

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  • Elevation drift re: barometer - hardware fix

    With the known issues surrounding the barometer port being on the back of the watch closest to the skin I wanted to check to see if there has been any fix from Garmin on this? If not, I am considering creating a channel with my dremel to the edge of the frame of the watch to possibly provide a "snorkel" to the atmosphere and then hopefully eliminating the annoying elevation drift.

    Has anyone tried something like this? Worth it?

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    Sounds like a great idea to loose warranty, un-waterproof the watch and interfere the software approach to smoothen it.

    Try to use a sweatband or wear the watch over your clothes. Off course you can´t measure the heartrate on your wrist, that time. But you´ll gonne see how much this attempt will help or change the results.

    It won´t
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      I thought about the same thing but way to risky. I did buy a silicone cover off Amazon and made a small channel in that (only like 1-2mm from the button to the hole). Didn't seem to help at that time but maybe with the new firmware it might. Will try it again on tonight's ride.