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Connect IQ app that shows Avg heart rate with decimals

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  • Connect IQ app that shows Avg heart rate with decimals


    I'm looking to add a field to my treadmill running fields that allows me to see average heart rate to one or 2 decimals. Is this possible?

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    I'm sorry, I can't answer your question.

    But out of curiousity, why would you want such a data field? And what kind of HRM sensor do you trust to such an extent that you actually think it's capable of providing such accuracy in it's measurements?


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      As an average, there could be a decimal part, like if the heartrates seen were 96 and 97, the avg would be 96.5.

      But I wonder how useful it would be, and not sure there is an app that does that.

      You can request one in the Connect IQ App Ideas and see if anyone is interested in building such a DF..

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        As you post it in the VA3 forum: If you use the built in HR wrist sensor, I would not care about decimals!
        It is often 10-15 beats different (to high) to what a HR strap will measure.

        Just holding your hand different, raising you arm, got the wristband to loose or to tiny, it will vary quite a lot!
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