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Just got a Vivoactive 3... need help customizing notifications on IPhone 6s

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  • Just got a Vivoactive 3... need help customizing notifications on IPhone 6s

    Hi, I just got the Vivoactive 3 yesterday, and so far I'm really liking it. The only problem I have is trying to customize the notifications I receive from my iPhone 6s. I only want Phone calls and Text messages to appear. I receive way too many emails in a day to try and manage these on the watch and besides it's even notifying me about old emails from before I bought my watch, what's the point of that? And those old emails get randomly dumped to my watch all at the same time. I've managed to clear them a couple of times, I don't even know how I did it, but then randomly they'll come back to my watch. It just happened again as I'm typing this, and I counted 29 emails. Not sure if that's the limit.

    I found this link on the Garmin site for Vivoactive that says, "
    If you are using an Apple® device, use the notification center settings on your smartphone to select the items to show on the device."

    I'm not sure what or where they're referring to, if I go into Settings -> Notifications -> then select Garmin "Connect" on my phone. I only see options on how to manage notifications that will appear on my phone. ie. Lock Screen, Banners, badges, etc. There are no options to manage notifications on my watch.

    what am I doing wrong?

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    Okay I think I figured it out. Basically it looks like the watch emulates whatever appears in my notification center on the phone, which are the messages that get saved at the top that you can view when you swipe down on the phone. So after going into Settings -> Notifications, I then need to go into every app installed on the phone and check on or off the notification center setting for each one. For email, I can set it so only messages from VIP contacts get sent to the notification center.
    Hopefully this will work.
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