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Select Notifications Sent to VA3

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  • Select Notifications Sent to VA3

    Hi all. Just purchased my 1st Garmin product after using fitbit ionic for a year. With fitbit ionic, one could choose which notifications are sent to the watch vs all notifications. Wondering if there is a place to suggest feature changes to the VA3 so I can ask about being able to choose which notifications I'd like sent to watch. For example, I don't like to have emails sent to watch.

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    I have an Android phone, but I suspect iOS will be the same. Open Garmin Connect on your mobile. Go to settings from the menu and select "smart notifications". There you can select what notifications you want to receive. I found anytime I add an app to my phone, Garmin automatically sets that app to allow notifications by default. Hopefully they'll change that in a future update .
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      unfortunately, you do not have this on IOS :-(


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        I wasn't aware of that.