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  • Recovery Heart Rate

    I think I've seen this in one of the other forums... Does anyone here no how to get the recovery heart rate displayed GC or the web site? Is the HR data for this actually stored in the wacth? Or just the overall score? Is there a data field that can be added?

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    Not stored anywhere. Just a pop-up on the device.


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      It is stored in the FIT file. I think you can extract it with Golden Cheetah but it is not accessible on Garmin Connect.


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        Could it be a feature request? That this piece of info is displayed on Garmin Connect?

        Another feature that could be great, that the marks of Workouts (such as button press, start of work period, end of it) are displayed above the graph


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          The start of workout steps marks a lap. Your request is more likely to be met if you clearly describe your change request.


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            Laps (either triggered manually or by a workout step) are visible on the map if turned on, but are not visible on graphs. It would be nice to see lap marks on the graphs or have the possibility to display a graph for a single lap only and not the entire workout.
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