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issues with tempe sensor, and missing data from Strava

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  • issues with tempe sensor, and missing data from Strava

    Ever since buying my Vivoactive 3, my tempe sensor has been a bit hit and miss. When I used the same sensor with my FR235, it never once missed a beat.

    The problems i have been experiencing have been various, but with all the software updates we have seen, I think reliability is much better, but i still notice that randomly, temperature data is missing / disregarded from Strava activities, despite showing in the Garmin connect activity data. I'm not sure if this is a Strava issue, or not, but Im wondering if anybody else is seeing this? Im wondering if there is a problem with the data being recorded, which may be causing Strava to ignore it?

    I often found that my Tempe took an AGE to connect. This seems better now.
    I also experienced an issue whereby when it did eventually connect, if i didnt start the activity right away, i would notice it had disconnected again when i was ready to start. very frustrating
    I sometimes feel a buz during my activity, and when I glance at the watch, it says "tempe connected" which suggests it is sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting. Something it NEVER did once on the FR235.

    I wear the Tempe on my shoe laces.

    Just wondering if anybody else finds any of this familiar? it could be my tempe, but Im skeptical as it never happened until I changed watch.


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    Same issue here.

    I have the vivoactive 3 on left wrist and it is finding and loosing randomly my tempe on right shoe lace and footpod on left shoe lace.
    Never had such problem with my older vivoactive HR. Used it with the exact same configuration (same shoes, same pods).

    I even tried with a watch on both wrist - vivoactive HR perfect, vivoactive 3 randomly connecting. - the problem is not with the pods !

    Any idea ?


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      Yes I'm Definitely seeing issues, and it's very frustrating. More strange is that despite these issues, I more often than not have temperature data recorded in Garmin connect activities, but the fact I'm rarely seeing it in Strava suggests to me that they are disregarding it, maybe due to errors or dropouts. Unsure really, I'm speculating of course.

      Not good though, I just want this to work


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        I had this issue yesterday first time using the Tempe on the VA3, have always used on FR235 with no issues, same set-up with watch on left arm and Tempe on left laces but yesterday. Tempe seemed to take longer to connect but I put this down to being the first time used in an activity, I started the run after the Tempe has said it connected then 2-3 minutes in the VA3 vibrated and "Tempe Connected" was on the watch face. Didn't notice it again for the remainder of the 30min run and the graph in Strava looks consistent but something not 100% right.


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          I've seen that plenty, but the past couple of runs at least, the Tempe has behaved. I've started the activity with it connected, and when I check the graph in Garmin connect after the event, it all looks good. No dropouts. Still not getting the data in Strava. Either Garmin isn't sending it, or Strava isn't liking something and is dropping it. Beyond annoying. Don't really know what else I can do.

          I have Garmin linked to Strava so my uploads occur automatically, which has always been the case. Since getting the VA3 I've noticed various issues with the Tempe (all listed above) and occasional runs with no data (Strava) but now it seems to be every run, despite it seemingly behaving now !!