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Vivoactive 3 speed and cadence sensors random disconnect

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    I have the same issue with a Stryd footpod. Momentarily disconnects every 5 minutes or so. Post-run, the connect IQ data has gaps in it at the disconnect times, while inbuilt heart rate sensor has huge dips too, so it seems the watch itself is freezing.

    I raised this with Garmin support and they fobbed me off, saying they were unable to help because it isn't a Garmin foot pod. Pleased I found this thread.


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      Sensors constantly disconnect and reset heart rate. Really not acceptable, lift your game Garmin.


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        I have the same problem with the disconection between VA3 and speed/cadence sensor. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?



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          I have the same problem, but I think this is the same like in this thread:

          Vivoactive3 Music
          Montana 600


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            I think the only way to solve this problem is if each of us opens a ticket by the support and escalates it. This is definitely a problem for all VA3. And, apparently, it is known to developers. In the ERRORS folder there is a logfile where all the sensorhub resets statistics are registered. I do not know why they do so, but it looks like a child's illness of the device.


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              Thought I’d add to the discussion regarding the Vivoactive 3 dropping speed and cadence sensors. I got the VA 3 on Sunday and the speed/cadence sensors today. My first ride with them they dropped out around 8 minutes into the ride and then reconnected. I did have my phone with me on the ride and Bluetooth was on.

              i contacted Garmin chat support and they had me check the software version on the watch (it’s 3.5). The agent recommended I reset the watch tonight. I suggested that this issue has been reported on the Garmin forum and the agent said he had no knowledge is this issue. He said I can only open a ticket after resetting the watch and testing connectivity of the sensors after the reset.

              Fairly disappointed in the performance of this watch at this point. ANT+ connectivity is so fundamental to what these watches do, I feel like the connection should be rock solid.