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Adding an ANT+ HR monitor

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  • Adding an ANT+ HR monitor

    I am looking to add some features found in the vivoactive3 by adding an ANT+ HR monitor to the S60:

    1. Would the Garmin Connect app start capturing stress level(HRV)/v02max/fitness age/HR data/rhr/etc as it does with the vivoactive3?

    2. Are other fitness computations augmented by the addition of HR data to the S60 similar to the vivoactive3 computations? Sleep data, activity data, calories burned, etc. Where as the S60 has to primary calculate based on GPS and movement by default.

    3. Some of garmin widgets that come with the vivoactive3 do not seem to be in the connect IQ store (stress, hr). Are those only native to the vivoactive3? Are there alternatives for the S60? I saw some HR apps in Connect IQ, but no stress/HRV apps?

    4. Last thing unrelated to HR, but just an application which is the "Workout" app (IE strength training, etc) . I couldn't find anything similar in the Connect IQ store. Does anyone know of an alternative?