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    I want to be able to keep all of my activities on my Garmin offline with all of the Data (The Map of where I have been). I have recently installed the Garmin Training Centre which I guess is what I'm looking for. But my main question is, How do I import all of my activities without having to export every single activity one by one? Can I export all of them at once and upload them that way, or Connect the account to Garmin Connect so that they can be imported that way? Or do I have to go through every single activity? I forgot to mention: This is for Cycling.

    - James

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    I've got three bits of bad news for you. First, Garmin Training Center is no longer under active development and hasn't had an update in quite a while, so it's not going to change. Second, sadly, there has never been a way to connect GC with GTC. Third, there is no bulk export facility in GC. You can only export activities one at a time. I'm still a heavy GTC user, but I'm transitioning over to GC more and more because the writing is definitely on the wall for GTC. I wish I had happier info...
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