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  • Garmin Fenix stopwatch data page

    righto team,
    I have put the stopwatch on one of the data pages, however the only way to start it is to go into the menu-clock-stopwatch and to start it

    the stopwatch then ticks over if i quit back out to the data page- however i cant start, stop or reset the stop watch from the data page, only when i go through the menu structure.

    anyone got around this issue? i have checked the setup for the keys - setup-system-hot keys- and although set to start/stop - when holding the keys it only starts/stops the activity, which doesnt affect the stop watch.

    i dont know about anyone else, but been able to stop and start my stopwatch and be able to flick to the heart rate page is what i need. intervals at set heart rates.

    let me know if someone has a solution.



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    I really like the watch but the stopwatch and countdown timer have alot to be desired. I have not found any way to access the stopwatch or incorporate the stopwatch into other screens. Also, if you notice other displays like heart rate and temp have the time on them and the stopwatch is just that. This will be a good thread to check if anyone has found anything but I don't think it is possible.
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