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Where do I find threads on Garmin personal GPS Navigators?

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  • Where do I find threads on Garmin personal GPS Navigators?

    I'm having a few problems with my Garmin Quest, but I'm not sure where to post my questions.


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    There is no designated area for "automotive" units.

    Map issues really belong in

    Installing and Updating Maps (PC)

    Installing and Updating Maps (Mac)
    nuvi 1490T (6.30) + 32GB microSDHC card & ecoRoute HD, Oregon 600 (5.00) + 32GB microSDHC card & tempe, GPSmap 76CSx (4.00) + 32GB microSDHC card, GPS V (2.60), GPS 12XL (2.02)

    This is a user-to-user forum. I am not, and never have been, a Garmin employee. My opinions are my own.


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      There is a pretty good forum at I've gotten some good advice there when I ask questions about my nuvii. But like this forum, it's just a user group.

      Garmin support has also been pretty good to me when I email questions to them. Don't have their email link handy, but you can drill down to it from the main Garmin page.
      I'm just a forum member....
      I am not affiliated with Garmin other than I own some of their products. For all practical purposes this is a member-to-member help forum.

      For Garmin Support from Garmin Employees go here --> Garmin Support Website To make suggestions to Garmin or just to rant go here --> Submit Ideas to Garmin