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how to delete archive tracks??

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  • how to delete archive tracks??

    I have a Garmin Montana 650t.
    I tried to delete tracks from the map Archived tracks but it doesn't work.
    I select the track and click on delete. The track desappearce but when I reopen the map archive, the tracks are still standing there.

    I also conected the Montana to the computer. I tried to delete the files in the map GPX / Archive but that doesn't work either.
    I got the message"name is to long, rename and try again". The same message is comming trying to rename the file (the track).
    I just can not delete the tracks.

    For example the next track: Huidige track. 01 SEP 2011 11.42 3 t縥�ͥ邌ĸ搀.gpx

    Does anybody know how to delete these tracks??

    Kind regards,

    I findly found the sollution:

    I started DOS mode and found the GPX / Archive maps. there I deleted all the gpx files by command del *.gpx

    For those who have the same problem this works perfect.

    Good luck and enjoy

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