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nuvi 1450 missing maps, won't navigate

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  • nuvi 1450 missing maps, won't navigate

    I was driving, and my nuvi suddenly stop responding, and i had to hard restart it.

    when it comes back up, there is warning on the screen " FM Traffic Provider database missing. Go to to download it. " If i touch ok, and i click on view map, there is no map on the screen. if i try to navigate somewhere, it will say "Cannot calculate route".

    anyone else experience this? i have contacted support. this thing is 6 months old.

    here is more details:
    I go to tools, settings, map, info....... nothing is listed.
    i go to tools, systems, about, software versions, it says:
    GPS: 4.3
    text: 4.7(american english)
    keyboardL unknown
    audio: missing

    i go to tools, systems, about, detailed maps: NOTHING is listed here.

    I try the web updater like the error messages suggested(with the gps turned on and connected visa USB), the web updater says: Some devices were found, however, none have the neccessary capabilities. Please make sure your device is connected to the computer and turned on, then try again. You may alse need to set the interface option on your GPS to 'Garmin' or 'Host'.

    I try the Map Updater, and it also can not detect the GPS. when i connect it to my computer using usb port, there is a green status bar, and after that it shows picture of the gps being connected to a computer. it shows up as removable device on my computer, but i cannot do anything with the GPS. Please help!!

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    Connect the gps via USB and as you do press on on of the corners of the screen (I forgot which one). This should put the gps on mass storage mode and you then might be able to use webupdater ( download that from garmin) to update the gps.
    sigpic73 de K9CHP, Amir


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      WOW...My Garmin just did the same thing....any help?


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        Same problem on my Nuvi 1450

        I am suffering from this same exact problem on my Nuvi 1450. It started last Friday. Has anyone seen a solution to this problem? I sent an email to Garmin support on Saturday so, supposedly, I should get a reply from them in 3 business days. If they give me a solution, I will post it here.


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          nuvi 1450 missing maps, won't navigate

          hi guys, i had the same problem ,this is what i did,

          1 plug in your garmin, (usb) to computer,at the same time hold your finger on the lower right hand corner, let it start (the long green line) leave for a couple of seconds.

          2 run garmin updater,

          If that fails, log into your garmin,after you did the first step,your comp should recognize your unit, you might have a map update just reinstall the map it worked for me,

          Hope this helps GER