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"Send To Device" problem

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  • "Send To Device" problem


    I recently purchased a Forerunner 405, and I'm having trouble sending activities from Garmin Connect to the ANT agent.
    Does this work for other people? The instructions just say that you can search for a public activity, then click 'Send To Device' on the details page.

    On my PC the popup says 'Preparing Course' for a few seconds, then nothing happens, and the popup window sits with the progress bar at 100%. No data is transferred to the ANT Agent or to the watch.

    There is a workaround of exporting the activity as a file, importing it into the Training Centre, then creating a Course based on the imported file, then sending it to the device. However this is a bit of a long-winded approach, and the Training Centre mapping is hardly comparable to the Garmin Connect site.

    Anybody else got this problem, or any tips on how to solve it?

    My system:
    Windows Vista Home Edition
    Forerunner 405 (with latest firmware)
    ANT Agent at 2.2.7



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    Make sure you have the latest communicator plug-in as well.
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      I'm having a similar problem.

      Edge 205 uploading activities works fine, and up until yesterday I was able to Send a course to device without issue. I now get the following error after hiting the Send Course button.

      I have tried unplugging the device, cycling it on and off, updating the communicator plug in and re booting the computer.

      Any other ideas?


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        ok thanks for the help ,

        However for the benefit of others doing a search of the forum with the same problem. The problem was resolved by deleting all courses from the device manually and then sending them again from Garmin Connect.

        All working now.


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          Originally posted by SEILOGRAMP View Post
          Make sure you have the latest communicator plug-in as well.
          Hi SEILOGRAMP,

          I have upgraded the communicator plugin to version, but the problem remains. After displaying 'Preparing Course', nothing happens.
          Should I be contacting garmin support about this?


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            Garmin Connect is currently undergoing a maintenance update. Things may be a bit off for a while. I suggest wait for a announcement regarding the completion.
            - Steve

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              I have this same problem but I am trying to send my goals from GC to my 405

              It comes up with succesfully sent to ANT agent but nothing appears in the ANT agent or my watch

              I have the latest plug in and have no goals from GTC on my watch

              Any ideas??


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                I just confirmed that this works for Edge 305. I manually deleted all courses and then was able to upload the course I wanted from garmin connect using "send to device"