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Issues with Garmin Connect Calendar, Google Calendar, and the Calendar Widget

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  • Issues with Garmin Connect Calendar, Google Calendar, and the Calendar Widget

    Hello, I'm new to the forums and not sure if this is the proper location for this post, but here goes:
    I am having issues with all-day events displaying improperly on the calendar widget on my 645 (no music, software 4.20). Here is what I have done so far:
    - Published my Garmin Connect training calendar to URL
    - Imported this calendar into Google Calendar by URL (all workouts are showing up properly in Google Calendar)
    - Synced my Forerunner 645 with the Garmin connect mobile app on my Samsung Galaxy S7
    The issue:
    - Every All-day event seems to act as if it was scheduled in a different time zone, causing it to display at the wrong local time
    - I am in the Pacific Time zone ?(UTC-8)?, and the discrepancy I am seeing is exactly 8 hours
    - Example: An all-day event scheduled for a Friday first appears on the calendar widget at 4pm on Wednesday, and the widget content says that it is an All-Day Thursday event
    - This issue is happening with all-day events from my personal google calendars as well as my URL-imported Garmin Connect calendar
    All events from all calendars in question appear at the proper times in Garmin Connect Web, Garmin Connect Mobile App, Google Calendar Web, Google Calendar Mobile App, and Samsung's Calendar Mobile App. But, when displaying all-day events on the watch calendar widget, there is an 8 hour difference that causes the events to be incorrect 33% of the time which is an unacceptable level of failure.
    All-day calendar events show up as UTC-0 in calendar widget even though they show up as UTC-8 on all 5 other platforms that are involved

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    I have had the same problem for years with my 2 x 235s bought at different times, I am in New Zealand and my Training Calendar and ordinary Calendar events show up as at the following day, e.g. I never schedule activities on a Monday yet my Training Calendar will show Tuesday's activity on a Monday. I had a ticket open with Garmin Support for months and they could not find the issue. I am in New Zealand so GMT +12. Sometime in the pm (i work from 12 noon so don't know exact time) the calendar fixes itself. The same happens with weights from my Smart Scale, in the morning they show up as for the following day but if I weigh in the afternoon they show correctly.

    Funny thing was I took one of the watches to the USA and it was showing correctly on the calendar when I got back to NZ!