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3HR vs Garmin Connect shows different HR

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  • 3HR vs Garmin Connect shows different HR

    I have a cardiac condition. Went for a run today. My 3HR says my max HR was 155, while Garmin Connect says my max HR was 174. This type discrepancy between my 3 HR and Garmin Connect happens every run. One would tend to think that since the 3HR is reading my HR directly and sending the signal to my smartphone (Garmin Connect), that they'd both be the same. Why is this happening? Which is correct, or closest to correct? What can I do to correct it?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Long ago I remembering reading that a corrupt timestamp on a past activity could cause problems. I recommend that you delete all activity history from device. And/or post a link to you latest activity so we can have a look.