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Skiing corrupt FIT File

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  • Skiing corrupt FIT File

    I went skiing 2 times this weekend and ended with 2 corrupt FIT files which CONNECT can not SYNC.
    What is wrong with the file?
    I asked Garmin for help but they do not reply.
    Made with Fenix 5 and Firmware 11.0.
    Can sombody repair them?

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    hi Marcel,

    Give this file and this file a try.

    All file repairs are done using the Fit File Repair Tool.

    I am not a Garmin employee and I am not affiliated with them in any manner - other than I own three of their products.
    For all intents and purposes this is a peer-to-peer forum and any assistance provided is voluntary and on an 'as time allows' basis.
    Garmin Support from Garmin employees can be found here. Suggestions to Garmin or rants can be made here.


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      Yes, that worked. Thanks a lot.
      But I am afraid, that it happens every time with this "Skiing Activity". This must be a bug in Garmin Firmware. (but they still have not replied). ( Am I the only skiier?)
      Do you have any idea, what was wrong with the FIT-file?
      The file has now less than half of the original size. What info got lost?

      The Fenix5 is a nice watch with a good hardware, but the software has too many bugs and Garmin seems not to be willing to correct them.
      I already found several, have sent one of them which is still after month not corrected! Poor performance of their developpers!
      Samsung has also a new nice Sportwatch, cheaper and better?