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Importing structured workouts from Trainingpeaks to Garmin connect (935)

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  • Importing structured workouts from Trainingpeaks to Garmin connect (935)

    I own a 935, and I'm trying to export my workout from TP to my garmin connect phone app (and from there to the 935).
    I have the TP's conenct IQ installed and everything is okay, but every time I try the Connect app opens in my favorite routes tab (even though it's a workout and has nothing to do with a route), and there's an error message showing.
    I tried to get support from the UK support, but their answers led me to believe they are not Garmin users... ((((

    I've watched the tutorials, I've searched the web, nothing solves that bug.
    Any ideas of how to solve that?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    I'm pretty sure Garmin Connect cannot import a workout from anywhere, unfortunately. You can only sync workouts to your device.

    Like the Training Peaks website says, you have two choices:
    - Use the Training Peaks Connect IQ app to sync workout wirelessly to device
    - Copy the workout to your device manually, using the cable
    (Scroll down to the bottom where it says ".FIT")


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      I tried using the TrainingPeaks IQ app. It worked once, and from that point- I cannot get it to work.
      Can you explain how to import the workout from the trainingPeaks wirelessly to the 935?



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        Based on the reviews at the store page, it looks like the problem is that people are hitting their workout limit on the watch.

        If that's the problem in your case, you will probably have to manually connect your watch to PC and delete some files from \GARMIN\WORKOUTS and/or \GARMIN\WORKOUTS\SCHEDULE.