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Sending Workouts/Training Plans to Garmin devices

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  • Sending Workouts/Training Plans to Garmin devices

    Getting back to training seriously, I need to send a training schedule to my F5 that I created on GC.
    I can't sent it to the watch, neither thru GC via garmin express on the computer nor thru the phone (either app or garmin connect web site).
    I tried various browsers, various phones, I just cannot send it.
    When I want to send session, one by one, it works erratically, 9 times, it wont work, once in a while, it will eventually get on the watch.
    Am i the only one having this trouble?

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    What shall i do to get an answer from Garmin? Two tickets and still no answer...


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      Having the same problem sending workouts to my 620. The app wasn't working so I tried connecting through my desktop. Garmin Connect launches and goes through a sync sequence but afterwards the workout is not on my watch. There is a sticky on the iOS page that is marked "Fixed, Closed" with no amplifying information.