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unable to sync scheduled trainings to watch

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  • unable to sync scheduled trainings to watch

    Hi all!
    Since a few weeks I am no more able to sync my planned training from the Garmin Connect Calendar to my fenix 5x.
    This is valid when I try to sync via USB (Error message "We were unable to process your request. Please try again later.") as well as trying the same via Garmin Connect mobile (Error message "An error occured")

    I tried to remove the fenix from my account and re-added it then. Also no success.

    Anything that I can do to get my changed trainings loaded to the watch?


    added: I also cannot send individual traings to the watch!
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    I am having the same problem with 920XT. It was fine a month or so ago and since then it won't transfer my calendar at all and just says

    We were unable to process your request. Please try again later.

    This includes Garmin training plans & scheduled workouts. I can sometimes get a workout to transfer one at a time to the workouts screen but can't even do that consistently and nothing from the training calendar will transfer. I have tried this on all browsers and on my phone. Last time it started to do this I reset my watch and removed and added it as a new device and that fixed the problem temporarily. I have tried that again on this go around with no luck.


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      I got a solution (at least for my problem): I have had some "special" characters in the name of my created workouts (% > +). Once I removed them all I was able to sync my schedule to my watch.