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Garmin Connect not syncing with My Fitness Pal

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  • Garmin Connect not syncing with My Fitness Pal

    I recently upgraded from a Forerunner 210 to a Fenix 5s. I am trying to sync my Garmin Connect account with My Fitness Pal. When I press the sync button on the Dashboard, it tells me "Just a minute. We're syncing your accounts." It seems to freeze there and never actually sync. Any ideas?

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    Have you tried to "unlink" or "unauthorize" and then "relink" or "authorize" again after the change in equipment? I've had to do that a few times for Garmin and MyFitnessPal. Just a thought....



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      EFD - thanks for the suggestion. I had not previously had MFP and Garmin connected, so this was the first time I was linking them. When I look at MFP, It does not show the accounts as linked.


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        Have you check that:
        MyFitnesPal: Upgrading Platform Security Requirement on 6.25.18 to TLS 1.2+
        I have this problem! My mobile phone has Android 4.2.2. but it need Android 5+ for TLS 1.2, so I can not connect to the MyfitnesPal App.
        I tried to use a Web-browser with the MyFitnessPal website and then the calories are also shown in the Garmin App. But this is very cumbersome so I give up to use it. I had also asked the Garmin support for an other solution - but they give me no answer.


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          I'm having the same problem, where they weren't syncing. I delinked my MyFitnessPal and Garmin Connect accounts, but not I can't relink them. Most of what I've read says not to delink the accounts when you have syncing issues, but I had to try something after reaching out to both Garmin support and MyFitnessPal with now real response.


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            Will add my voice to this as I'm having the same issue too. Echo BTTurner's experience - had almost identical issues. Does anyone know if this forum is read by someone at Garmin or are we just talking in to a vacuum? Anyone contacted MFP help? My next step (cover all bases).......