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  • Segments does not work

    Being in an activity, the segments does not show the position anymore.
    Just " -- " is displayed.

    Clicking into the segment, shows my details:
    Your place: 1. Pace, Time, ect.

    Switching to "List of best" - All, I am not included. Event if I´d be somewhere in the TOP3, compared to my displayed time.
    My friends - Empty
    Group 1 - Empty
    I am running this segment twice a week, with two friends, which also are in that very group. Very strange!

    My Activity
    My Segment

    In the same activity, there is another segment. I´m second there and I´m in the list of best, at the right place. Good!

    Now it gets interesting:
    Using the Segment widget on a dashboard, it shows a lock "only public activities can be classified". The second segment from that activity is shown above with the second place.
    From the same activity!
    Afaik, I don´t have any activity, which is not set to "public".
    This is a good example: Half marathon from this year. Set to public, one segments is displayed correct, one says "only public activities can be classified", two are displayed without any time, pace or placing

    My educated guess: Due to the (very disappointing) fact, that segments only count for a year, it deletes my classification (which I got on the segment, a year ago). Even if I run there twice a week, it seems that this does not count anymore.

    Dear Mr. Garmin, you have the permission to take a look into my account, to confirm and resolve this issue.
    Thank you!
    Devices: Forerunner 405, Vivoactive & Virb X & XE
    GitHub: Read diagnostic system via Bluetooth
    YouTube: My channel
    App: Stretch