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Garmin multisport activity, start times in Strava are incorrect

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  • Garmin multisport activity, start times in Strava are incorrect

    When I sync my activities from a triathlon or any multi-sport activity recorded on my Garmin 735XT, they import to Garmin Connect fine, showing the correct start time for the whole activity. However, when these then sync with Strava, the start time is shown as the time the activity finished. For instance, I did a triathlon yesterday and my 33 minute swim started at 7:00am exactly (fine in Garmin Connect). When imported to Strava, the start time is showing at 7:33am. All other activities from the triathlon have done exactly the same. This is not an isolated incident - all of my triathlons have this problem from the 735XT and I've noticed a lot of other competitors who experience the same (by looking at flybys on Strava). The only way I've found to circumvent this is to record a separate activity for each, which really defeats the purpose of having a multi-sport activity function.

    Does anyone know how to fix this or where the problem is arising? It looks like it may be a simple transfer error from Connect when syncing with Strava - 'activity finish' in Connect copied to 'activity start' in Strava or something similar.

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    Raise a ticket with Strava because the problem lies at their end.


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      I put in a ticket with Strava several months ago for this exact issue. I got a response that they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Please put in a ticket for this.. the more tickets they receive, the more likely this issue will be resolved.


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        Good luck with Strava Their standard time to fix is few years


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          Great, thanks for the info. Glad to know it's not just me being thick, or doing something wrong!

          I've sent a ticket to Strava to see about fixing this - seems like it should be a relatively easy fix... (though I know it never works like that!)


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            This bug has been an issue for over a year now. I've had 2 tickets with strava. They don't appear to care . it's more important for them to turn strava into a social network than fix genuine bugs.

            They suggest exporting each activity as a tcx / gpx from gc and then importing the file manually to strava.

            Edit: It also buggers up any flyby etc.
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