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Garmin Coach 5K plan - Orphan workouts

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  • Garmin Coach 5K plan - Orphan workouts

    I have a Vivoactive 3: I tried the new Garmin Coach 5K training plan. The first workout is called a "Benchmark Run", it is a brand new thing so I screwed it up. Attempted to delete this training plan but I was only given the option of "quitting" the plan.

    I did it again a second time, and screwed it up again. Again I "Quit" the training plan.

    Third times a charm, i have it dialed in with the 5K I want and the goal I want.

    The problem is the first two training plans are listed in the "Completed" training plan section and most importantly all of the first two failed training plan workouts are deleted except the the first "Benchmark Run" So I have two "Benchmark Runs" listed in my Garmin Mobile Feed, they are on my Calendar, and their is no way to delete these workouts.

    For the successful and current training plan I actually did the "Benchmark Run" and it sucessfully shows my efforts. But there remains two other workouts "Benchmark Runs" and I can do the workout, delete the workout, or delete the training plan.

    Everytime I look at my Garmin Connect Mobile feed, the first item is a scheduled workout "Benchmark Run" It is just stuck at the top and there is no way to delete it. It has been two days now since I actually did the benchmark run, and two days since I "quit" the other two training plans, but that workout is still sitting there stuck at the top.

    What's broken here? How does this get fixed?

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    It was a weird poorly thought out loop, but as of mid-night it just sort of went away. I don't have "benchmark run" at the top of my feed anymore.
    I should be able to delete training plans that are stopped, instead of just "quitting" the plan and having it sit there in the completed plan tab.


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      I have a vivoactive3 Music and started the coach training plan today, however I cannot sync the benchmark workout to my device by clicking the button on the top right corner (an arrow points to a mobile). I have hit that button and sync data to my watch many times.
      At last, I synced the workout through calendar page... After clicking the button with the same icon, it asks me to choose a device and then I could click Send to finish syncing.

      Please fix the workout sync function. Thanks.


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        I had the same issue, I tried and tried and tried to sync a "Garmin Coach" workout but it didn't work....Going into Calendar I was able to sync a week and get all of the four workouts at once.