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Garmin Golf Scorecard Fix Corrupted Scorecard

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  • Garmin Golf Scorecard Fix Corrupted Scorecard

    Essentially whenever I pause a Game part way through (Today my battery was running flat and we had to stop for Lightning) my scorecard becomes corrupted and won't synch.

    I can see on my watch (Fenix 5S) that my score has been kept, however when I synch (Either using the Mobile App or Garmin Express) the file won't load and thus no scorecard. This wouldn't be so bad if you could go into your history on your watch and look at previous scores for each hole, but you can't, so you end up losing a lot of information.

    I downloaded the Fit File Repair Tool, but it doesn't seem to have a fix section for scorecards. I have attached the Fit file here to see if anyone has an answer.

    Pretty sure I've seen a couple of other posts specifically on Scorecards and also on Paused Games being the perceived bug, but no response from Garmin about fixing this bug (i have also emailed support on this directly).

    Any help would be appreciated, I have posted the Scorecard file here.

    Please note that the 2 Activity Files synchronised fine as two separate activities (aka the walking and GPS portions of the Golf Activity).
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