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  • Unable to complete setup

    I have downloaded Garmin Connect on two phones now (both Android) and neither are able to complete the setup! I am attempting to use the app with my new Vivofit 3. I download the app and it installs fine. I log in to the app, it pairs with my watch (setting correct time, clock face, etc.). Then, after I edit my goals, I click to go to the next screen. At the top it says, "Almost Done!" and asks me to press the button on my watch until "Sync" appears. I do this, the watch syncs, beeps, then all goes quiet. The phones stay on that screen and I cannot navigate past it! I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app on both phones, and they each still only get to that same point and won't go any further! I assume this means it is not a problem with the phone. They are both different makes / models! Any advice on how I can get the app to complete setup and start to function? I'm needing to track my steps for a fitness incentive at work, and right now I'm dead in the water.