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  • Deleting badges


    unfortunately I got some badges which I do not really earn and would like to delete again, is there an option for this somewhere hidden?
    I recorded some GPS data going with a ferry etc and I used the running mode for this, now I earned 3 badges I do want to delete again.
    I particular:
    - 10k run
    - 13.1 Half Marathon
    - 50k Ultra
    After realizing this, I changed the activity from running to Boating or Uncategorized, but it didn't remove the badges earned.

    Am I able to delete this on my own or is it possible to delete this in general?
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    Have you tried deleting the activity with which the badges are directly associated in Garmin Connect?

    In my experience (and I tried it again just now), if I delete an activity record, the badges associated with it are also removed from my list of awarded badges.


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      Indeed, I didn't try that, actually an quite easy solution. I saved the GPS track, deleted the activity and reimported it again without getting the badge again.

      Thanks a lot!