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Garmin Connect does not show my last data

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  • Garmin Connect does not show my last data

    Hello everybody out there,

    First post here. I am a Forerunner 305 user.

    Today Garmin express did sync correctly with the Forerunner, but Garmin Connect does not show my last data.

    I'm on Mac, Garmin Express is

    What's the problem ? How can I help ?


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    Create a new activity, does that sync?


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      Interesting, similar question with same device has been asked on the GCM for Android, but different person... Here's what I've just posted over there:

      Have you looked to see if it has appeared on GC on the interweb?

      Some while back there was an issue with the activity date being corrupted resulting in the activity being uploaded to some time in the past. If it hasn't appeared - and mine usually appear in a minute or two with good connectivity - you should perhaps check the date of the file. Use FitFileToolsto have a look if you can. Might not work as thinking about it aren't the 305 files .tcx? I think you might be able to have a look at the file in a text editor in that case.

      And check the date on the device.


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        @TrppyZ : I created a new activity. I show it of course in my device (Forerunner305). It synchronizes with Garmin Express. But nothing on Garmin Connect site.
        philipshambrook : I have checked the date on my device. I will try to dig into the uploaded files on my Mac. Thanks.


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          I am having the same problem, Forerunner 305. I did not run for about a year and now I've about 6-7 runs stored on it I would like to upload. Express says it synced but there's nothing in Connect, and no errors either. I will check my date, thanks for the tip. Following.


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            Hi there,

            Did you get any clue upon that subject? I have got the same one: Garmin Express says that the device is synchronized, bu *FIT_TYPE_4.xml file in %ProgramData% is not updated as well as Garmin Connect.

            It's not everyday problem, but quite often last days.