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  • Nuvi recall issue

    I just received my recalled Nuvi back from the Garmin repair center and in the letter they sent it stated that they had "changed" the serial number of my unit. It also stated that I would need to register this unit.

    I went to MyGarmin and attempted to register it but got the response that it was already registered. I then turned on the unit and went to the "Favorites" category where I discovered that this was not my unit - in fact it had belonged to someone else. All of the favorites saved on here were from a different area of the country.

    Any suggestions about how I can get my own unit back as I have years of favorites saved on it from all around the country? Also, it will not allow me to update the unit with a new map update since this is not my registered unit. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    From my understanding I don't think there will be a way to get your device back. Did you happen to save your Current.GPX file on your computer before sending it back? If you saved your Current.GPX file then we could paste that back into the device and get all your favorites.

    What unit did you receive back? We could do a master reset to the device to erase all the data if you wanted to keep the device.

    If you have anymore troubles you may need to contact Garmin directly through e-mail or calling their hotline.

    [email protected] or 1-800-800-1020

    Let me know if you need more help
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      Thanks Meredy for the response. No, I didn't save any files because I was told that wasn't necessary as I would be getting my own unit back with the only change being a new battery.

      I called Garmin Tech support like you recommended buy they were of no help at all. They said that we were never promised our own units back (even though that I still have the original communication from Garmin that states that our own units will be returned to us) so I have to take this one that they sent me.

      I told them that the one I have clearly belongs to someone else and they verified that it "did" belong to someone else but now it's mine. I told them that I cannot even use it because the maps that are loaded on it are not for the part of the country that I travel in. I was told that I could "buy" a map update to correct that. I told them that I want my old unit back and they said I wasn't getting it.

      What I would like to do now is to see if anyone has any recommendations as how to proceed legally against Garmin. Obviously if they are just sending units back out "willy-nilly" to everyone that participated in the recall there are probably tens of thousands of folks in the same boat that I am. I believe that this would definitely qualify for a class action type of lawsuit.

      This is a very poor way to do business with a loyal Garmin customer for many years. They will not do anything on their own to correct this issue so someone needs to hold them accountable. Any help that anyone can provide would be much appreciated. If someone reads this and they are an attorney that can help me with this please PM me.

      Thanks again for everyone's help.


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        Class Action

        Please include me in the class action if started. I have the exact problem. My favorites, history, POIs, custom vehicle pic, etc. are gone and replaced with someone elses unit and their stuff. Also, I cannot register because it is "already registered" and that means I can not use my LIFETIME MAPS update that i PAID FOR. I want my unit back. In absence of that, I want a refund for my unit AND the LIFETIME MAPS update I purchased. I will get a TomTom or something and gamble on their customer service/company reputation. I thought Garmin was first class. If I allowed this situation to happen and then refused to help a customer like this, I would be fired from my company. You will have to trust me on this last thing.....I am NOT a complainer. I don't post negative reviews of products or companies online. BUT....THIS TAKES THE CAKE. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED LIKE THIS BY ANY COMPANY BEFORE. So....I may just have to change my "silent" approach. Does anyone know of the sites I should go to to post my experiences in this regard???


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          CheeseheadJ - my situation is the same as yours. I lost my lifetime subscription to my map service too and they told me to just purchase another.

          I contacted one of the top legal firms in the US who specializes in class action lawsuits and reviewed all of the details. They have assigned an attorney to research and review this matter but did tell me that this sounds like something that they do want to proceed with. They said that they will let me know something by next week and would provide me with contact information to post on here so that others affected could contact them too.

          The fact of the matter is that I could easily go purchase a new Nuvi along with another lifetime map subscription and just walk away from this entire matter and not spend any more time on it. However, this now comes down to the principle of the matter and I will not let people or a company treat me (or others) like this without putting up a fight. I'm at a place in life now where I have plenty of time and plenty of money to do everything that I can to right this injustice. As much as people don't like lawyers this case is a good example of why we need to have them available when this happens.

          Unfortunately companies like Garmin no longer care about their reputation, or even doing the right thing. All they care about is money and hopefully they will now have to pay out a tremendous amount of money and legal fees that will get their attention.

          When this is all said and done I can assure you that I will never spend one more dime with a sorry company that treats its customers like this. I am in the process of now looking for another GPS provider who hopefully I can count on to operate in an ethical and professional way.

          I will keep you informed and thanks for everyone's support in this very disappointing matter.
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            Did not get back the Nuvi I sent for recall

            I just got my Garmin Nuvei 200w back today from the battery recall. It is not the same one I sent in. The letter they sent said that they changed the serial #, They sure did to someone else serial #. The unit I sent in was in perfect condition when I sent it in. It was always keep in a case when not in use and never left in the car. Now who knows what I got back. if the recall letter would have stated the you would not get the same unit back I would have never sent it in. What they have done is out right wrong and deceptive. I will definitely be calling them tomorrow and filing a complaint with my attorney generals office. Also will be sending off a few emails to my local news station so they can warn everybody else

            You can count me in if any class action is started.
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              I received my unit back today as well and it came with a letter saying "during the process we changed your nuvi's serial number tag". This is obviously not the same GPS I sent off. I rarely used mine because anytime we take a trip, we take my wife's car that has an in-dash GPS. Mine was literally brand new and I even kept it in the original box. I only used it if I was traveling alone, which is rare. The replacement unit I received from Garmin has been well used and to make matters worse, when I opened the shipping box it emitted a foul odor. It was obvious to me it was not my unit before I even read the letter, even though the email I received from Garmin clearly stated that (and I quote from their email)

              "When the battery is replaced and the service concluded, your nüvi will be immediately returned to you."

              Like someone else said above, if I had known they were going to send me someone else's GPS, I would have never sent mine in to begin with. I had second thoughts about sending it in anyway, I wish now I had listened to my gut instinct.

              I'm very dissapointed with Garmin because of this issue!


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                Thought you all might find this interesting.

                Found it on My Garmin, My Support Under Market name go to nuvi battery PCB recall, forth question down, Will my registration be updated as a part of the nuvi battery PCB recall repair?

                When sending your device in for service, due to the nuvi Battery PCB Recall, the battery in your device will be repaired free of charge. Your original device will then be sent back to you with an updated serial number. If your original device was registered in your myGarmin account, the updated serial number will replace the previous serial number. This change in serial numbers will not impact previously purchased products like map updates, downloadable content and subscriptions.

                If your previously registered device is determined to be non-functional during the repair process, your device will be exchanged. If your device is exchanged, you will be alerted to update your registration the next time you sign in to your myGarmin account if your previous device was registered.

                You might note that they claim you will receive the original device and you will still have purchased map updates.


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                  This is my answer I got from garmin on the saved locations: "
                  Thank you for contacting Garmin International. The battery recall should not delete your saved locations."


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                    Beware of the Nuvi Recall

                    If you send or are sending your unit in for the recall, BEWARE it's taking up to 10 weeks, so far!
                    Recv. this on 9/24:We are currently working to service and return your device as quickly as possible, but due to a higher than expected initial return volume we are unable to meet our original estimated timeframe of 10-14 business days.

                    Ridiculous and unacceptable Garmin!


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                      Curious if anyone has reported this issue to the Bureau of Consumer Affairs or how about their local Attorney General’s Office. Maybe even contact your local news station in order to get the word out. If there are many complaints then Garmin will have to compensate their customers, either by complete refund or correct their mistakes and get our devices back.


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                        Damaged unit was sent back during battery recall

                        I sent in my new nuvi 770 model unit during the battery recall. Two weeks later, a damaged unit was sent back to me. The serial number has been changed, and the screen was severely damaged with a long deep scratch. The damaged screen was covered by a piece of plastic membrane. I cannot believe they did this, and they didn't even have a customer service over the weekend during such a massive recall. Now I regret about sending my unit back. what next? I guess a long fight with the customer service? any advice on what the next steps are ? any update on the class action suit? count me in. I just filed a complaint report with BBB at . not sure if that helps.


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                          I've been waiting for 5 weeks and still nothing

                          I shipped my Garmin GPS on sept 1st for the battery recall. I received an email on sept 24th saying that they were shipping it back along with a UPS tracking number. We are now oct 7th and I haven't seen my GPS yet... I call UPS and they say they don't have it, I called Garmin, they say UPS has it I think I'm in for a lot of fun trying to find out where is my GPS and when I will see it again (if I do)


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                            got MY garmin back!

                            Received my Garmin on the 6th of October. It only took 5 weeks. The Garmin I got back was the one I sent to them. Guess I got lucky.


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                              Still not returned

                              After looking at posts I don't hold out much hope for getting my Garmin Back anytime soon. Who know what I'll end up with. I have rung them and get very little information. they said company is not logging all returned garmins so don't know status of mine, and to wait another week before contacting them again. Well one week and still not unit. Not sure what they expect me to use in the mean time. What a disaster. Would not buy another Garmin or recommend it to anyone.