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Cannot add new gear to a workout, cannot edit the 'first use' field for gear

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  • Cannot add new gear to a workout, cannot edit the 'first use' field for gear

    I went for a run with a brand new pair of shoes, and the workout automatically uploaded (via my phone) immediately after I finished. In the workout editor, I tried to add my new shoes via the "manage gear" link, but it did not add my shoes to the workout. Also, it has the wrong date for when I first used the shoes.

    I think what's happening is that I cannot add the shoes to any workout that took place before the 'first use,' but since I cannot correct the first use, I cannot add them to the workout where I actually first used them.

    Is there any way to get around this? I suppose I need to add my gear on garmin the day before I intend to use it. Or just not bother using that feature, since it's already a bit of a pain.
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    So don't put the wrong ‘first use’ date for the new gear item entry when you create it. What ‘first use’ means should be pretty clear. By the way, you can add the gear item in Garmin Connect after the actual ‘first use’ date; I know that for a fact. Just don't get it wrong the first time; the point isn't to create a placeholder entry in the (gear) database and then edit/correct each attribute afterwards at your leisure.

    For now, you can delete the gear item which you've recently created with the wrong ‘first use’ date and replace it with a new entry.
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