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Unable to View Multisport Activity (Brick) in Web App

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  • Unable to View Multisport Activity (Brick) in Web App

    Hi all,

    I am unable to view the individual workouts of a brick workouts consisting of an indoor bike ride and an outdoor run in the Garmin Connect web app. Everything works fine in the iOS app. In addition the brick workout does not appear in the activities view in the web app.

    I set the activity public, so you may give it a try:

    This is happening using Safari 11.0.1 and Firefox 57.

    An ideas on what is going on?

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    I have exactly the same problem, Multisport activity visible on the Android App, but completely invisible via website. Using Chrome. So it's not browser related, but some kind of database problem.


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      My 1 December Multisport activity correctly shows in the calendar view both on GCM (iOS) and on the website, but in the list of activities, both on my mobile and on the web application, it is invisible. The activity does, however, count towards the monthly totals. activities.JPGcalendar.JPG


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        For some reason Garmin Connect (web) puts all mutlisport activities at the bottom of all activities list. If you have a large number of activities, then getting to it might be tricky, but if you try searching the mutlisport activity by name, then you should be able to view it.
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          Currently the Multisport activities are loading at the bottom of the activities list as tmk2 indicated. We are investigating this and working to resolve quickly.
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