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What are the limited-time badges?

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  • What are the limited-time badges?

    I just saw a friend that had a badge I haven't seen before: Year of the Dog, LIMITED TIME, 1 pt, Record an activity on Chinese New Year, February 16, 2018.
    I was so lucky that I had an activity that day so I could just save it again and get the badge.

    What other limited-time badges are there?

    I see these in my list:
    Finish Strong - Record an activity on New Year's Eve.
    Strong Start - Record an activity on New Year's Day.

    All images are stored in (x is the number of the badge).
    I ran a script and attempted to download the first 2500 images (1..2500). Not all badge numbers a used yet. I got 150 badge images. With the new diving badges the highest number is 1027.
    I've tried to get the texts but can't figure it out.

    Has anyone else looked into all those badges?
    Is there a way to get a notification when a new badge is available? I could of course just use GC, but it is easy to forget to browse through all available badges.
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    aaargh you should have put up a spoiler alert warning


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      SPOILER ALERT. If you don't want to know anything about the hidden or future badges then don't click the link.

      I did some work with all those downloaded images and created a small database and a web page that displays all the data. It is now easy to see repeatable and time-limited badges and the points for each. Click the badge for more info.
      Here it is:

      If you know anything about the badges that I've marked as unknown or unofficial then please let me know so I can add the missing info.