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what do "moving time" and "avg moving speed" mean?

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  • what do "moving time" and "avg moving speed" mean?

    GC reports three timing figures for my ride:

    "Elapsed Time"
    "Moving Time"

    The first one, I believe, is the duration from when I pressed "Start/Stop" the first time until I pressed it again to end the ride.

    The second one I think is that duration minus any auto-pausing. Mine is set to "stop", so this should exclude any time I wasn't moving.

    But what is "moving time"? It appears always to be less than either of the others, even less than subtracting the auto pauses. Any idea what this is?

    Also, I'm confused by the "Average Moving Speed" - what is this, if I have auto pause turned on?

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    Moving time is GPS-based.
    It is the elapsed time minus whateve amount of time, according to GPS, you are not moving.

    And then average moving speed is based on moving time.

    I think it is there for people who choose not to use the auto-pause function.

    Typically, my time and moving time will be very close, and my average speed and average moving speed may or may not vary by a tenth of an mph.