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    When I go into Garmin Connect...It show the number of steps for the last 12 months. However I have had the watch for more than that.

    How do I get to see the total amount of - lets say - steps for the entire time I have had the watch?

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    Hmmm, let's not say.

    You can display the lifetime totals for your Garmin Connect account thus:

    without consideration of when you acquired the particular wearable device, and/or whether you have only used one registered Garmin device to track your step count. If you've only had one Garmin activity tracker (or running watch), and started tracking your step count with it from the day you had it, then luckily for you the lifetime totals would just happen to coincide with what you wanted.


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      Please explain how I get to this page. I have looked everywhere and cannot find it. I can only get my annul record not my lifetime,


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          Thanks, that worked. When I looked at it I saw that I had both annual and lifetime ticked but it had to either one or the other. Again many thanks, I thought
          I had lost all that info.


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            this post was helpful in that I can now see lifetime distance on my profile, but I assume this is lifetime distance for ALL activities (running, biking, swimming, etc). What if I want to see only my lifetime distance for running? Why did Garmin screw with the reports and only allow 12 months as the maximum timeframe when creating a custom report? I swear I'm done with this company, they only make things worse instead of better. If it is still available they sure dont make it easy to figure out.


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              You can go to Reports then Progress Summary and select "All Days" to get everything or select "Custom Dates" and select a start like 01/01/2010 and an end like 01/06/2018 and it will show all of your activities for that period. It can be any two dates, no maximum length. You can select activity type from there as well. Unfortunately it only shows activities (run, cycle etc) and not steps.