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  • Badges for historical events


    How do we get badges to be earnt for historical events?

    I can see it's possible, as I have a bunch of running badges for the marathon I ran in 2016.

    However, I don't have any of the cycling ones - including the 8 point 100 mile badge - despite doing a 110 mile ride also in 2016.

    So somehow my old run has been reprocessed, but not the old ride. I've tried editing the title and changing the activity type. (I did the same on the marathon), but to no avail.

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    Just for kicks, a few minutes ago I deleted (using Garmin Connect online) an activity from September 2017 after exporting the original FIT file, the imported the FIT file again, and the Highly Improving badge is awarded by virtue of that.


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      I have the same problem. I have earned some badges for past activities but many badges I can earn are not accounted for. Is it a bug that will be solved by Garmin or one must do something to fix it?