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  • export health data

    I am having difficulties analyzing my data sets data types versus each other over time in the Garmin Connect interface.

    Anyway to get

    - daily health related “activities” such as sleep, steps, stairs, etc, as well as,
    - weight, pulse, VO2, stress, etc, and
    - "sports activities",

    out of GC to CSV/Excel for my 4 months of data in less than like 30-200+ undocumented steps?

    Maybe close to step by step, else vague non-official discouraged hints might do ;-)


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    I found this script for exporting weight to csv when you are in the Weight report in Garmin Connect. It was intended for the Garmin Index scale (so also exports the other data from this scale), but it also works for my manually entered weight data.

    The list of logged activities can be exported as a csv directly from Garmin Connect without using scripts.

    I don't know about the other data you are asking for. Some of them, such as steps, may be difficult because GC does not even have graphs for those, so there is probably not much for a script to retrieve from a GC page.


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      tanx <3
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