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Calories Remaining... Garmin Connect vs. MyFitnessPal

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  • Calories Remaining... Garmin Connect vs. MyFitnessPal

    Anyone else have the experience of the Garmin Connect app consistently showing you more Calories Remaining than the MyFitnessPal app? On very active days the difference can be as large as 300-400 calories. which is more accurate?

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    I think it has to do with activities. I think Myfitness only count the calories of your active running/biking (recording) and steps and the garmin connect counts all like if your on your bike and not recording. But thats my opinion.
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      Garmin Connect always will show more. My FitnessPal takes into consideration how much activity they expect you to have, based on your classification (sedentary, light activity, etc) that you set up in your profile. It then, will not give you credit until you surpass that level of activity for steps counted on your Garmin. The Garmin takes ALL activity as active.
      I also have noticed that My FitnessPal is weird in assigning It's calorie count for steps. One day I might get 400 for 7,000 steps, and another 220. So, I've decided to use Garmin to monitor this (remembering, it's only a ballpark.) I've set my My FitnessPal goal at my BMR, so that I can more accurately reflect my calorie burn for the day, instead of letting MFP set it for me.