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max microSD size for Garmin 62s model

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  • max microSD size for Garmin 62s model

    What is the maximum size microSD I can use with a 62s model?

    I was considering either an 8gb or 16gb card, but wanted to ensure compatibility.

    Further, will I see better map performance with a class 4/6 card or should I save a few bucks and get a class 2 card.

    P.S. I am familiar with the limit of ~4000 map segments. Yes, i know that it could be irrelevant to use a 16gb card given the average size of the map chunks. (I am willing to explore using the utility that someone created to merge multiple chunks into one chunk to work past these limitations, and I really hope Garmin considers upping the limit to a higher number given the increased capabilities of newer units and the larger capacity cards that are increasingly available.)


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    anybody? Do garmin representatives frequent these forums? Max card size is normally well documented on consumer electronics. This is kindof ridiculous.


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      Appears that the unit will only use up to 4GB.

      Don Huston
      San Diego, CA.
      United States


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        Although an 8 or 16 GB card will work in the new Garmin 62s, due to the map segment, track, and waypoint limits it would be a waste of money to buy anything larger than 4 GB. Even if you maxed out the limits of all the data the GPSr could read it would not be greater than 4 GB.


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          Hmm, 4000 map segment? Is't it 100 segment for custom maps?


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            The 62s and 62st can use up to a 32GB MicroSD card. Yes, there is a limit to ~4000 map segments, spread across all map IMG files, but you can use the extra space for large BirdsEye files and Custom Map files, amongst other things such as tracks, Geocaching GPX files, Geotagged photos, etc.

            As for maps, Here is what I am able to use Simultaneously on a 16GB MicroSD Card:

            * City Navigator North America - 148 segments
            * Topo Canada v4 - 1224 segments
            * Ibycus Topo Canada 3.2 - 947 segments
            * TOPO U.S. 100K (Preloaded MicroSD version) - 431 segments

            This totals about 13GB in four separate IMG files, and totals 2750 segments - leaving lots of room to add more still under the 4000 limit!


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              The low down on file sizes

              My understanding is there's not really a limit on these devices on how BIG the card is, but rather how much data can be stored on it. It's pretty likely that you can shove a 32gb card in these devices without an issue, but the problem is that for compatibility they only read FAT32 for which the spec is publicly available. FAT32 is a 32bit file system which allows a maximum file size of 4.00gb. If the devices stored multiple map tile files on the device then you could use the full capacity, but the fact is that if you have a Garmin Map DVD then upload tiles using Map Source, all the tiles you select get compiled into a single .img file on the SD card. Garmin (and every other device manuacturer) use FAT32 because it's a known standard and compatible on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows. If they go with NTFS which is 64bit and massive file sizes then they lose write compatibility with Macs. If they go Hybrid file system then they lose PC read and write support. If they go ext3 then only Mac OSX and linux and read it. Of course all these options can be handled on each system by purchasing 3rd party software to allow read and write on each platform, but Gamin would be forcing an extra purchase on the user. So they use FAT32 for simplicity, but they have the issue of the maximum map data ever being 4.00gb. They really should create a segmented .img file format that splits into 2gb pieces to allow for greater than 4gb card support, we can only hope...



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                4 GB micro SDHC vs.4 GB micro SD in 62st

                Just got the 62ST for Christmas and accidently bought the SanDisk 4 GB SDHC at Sears. Before opening the package (once I do I probably can't return) I need to know if this high speed card will work in the 62ST or should I return it and get the slower 4GB SD card?

                Thanks for any help you can provide


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                  I need to know if this high speed card will work in the 62ST
                  I have a 16Gb SDHC in the 62s and it works fine.


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                    I think you are mis-understanding the difference between 'SD' and 'SDHC'. It's not a speed designation, it's a capacity designation.

                    The original 'SD' cards had a limit of up to 2 GB capacity. This was due to the fact that they used the FAT16 file system.

                    'SDHC' cards are newer cards with capacities from 2 GB to 32 GB. This is because they use the higher capacity FAT32 file system.

                    An even newer designation 'SDXC' is being introduced for cards from over 32 GB and up to 2 TB. These new cards will be using the exFAT file system.


                    Speed on the other hand is designated by using a 'Class' designation. The higher the class number the higher the theoretical speed. For instance a class 6 card is theoretically faster than a class 4 card. I say theoretical because it has been proven through testing that there is no consistency or standards by which these classes are determined. Class speeds have been shown to vary between manufacturers and even between different batches from the same manufacturer.