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    Equipment Tracker

    Just notice that it has been well over one year since this tread was started and still no Equipment tracker update. Thanks for providing the forum and making us feel like we have some input in your products and then taking your sweet time on follow through. Use the Goals prompt on your watches and get cracking on the improvements...


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      Gear tracker

      Not sure it exists, but it would be nice with a public roadmap for garmin connect, then users (CUSTOMERS!) could see what Garmin is actually doing (or at least planning) with Connect. right now it seems like it's small tweaks (to be honest I don't care if it's google maps, bing or ..).


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        Shoes/Equipment tracker, please! +100,000,000,000,000

        Just got the 410 - very cool! Just realized I can't track shoe mileage, not cool. I will do it for you for free for garmin connect - java? plsql? Whatever it is, contact me and I will add it!.
        As a side note, the sooner you open up the tool to the public - both Connect and Training Center, the better they and your products will be. You'll be able to create products based on what the customers really want out of their tools, which will be evident in the software they publish. Look at all the success stories out there...openoffice, java, linux, mozzilla, apache.etc, etc....
        Your products are used by such a diverse crowd, yet there are universal needs in this crowd. Opening up the software will allow for these needs to not only make it in to the software, but get it in faster. You already own the market for GPS watches - hands down. Why not own the market for the entire package? Sure people can go elsewhere and get software that meets their needs, but should they have to? What if everything you needed was available, or easily added by your company? Pretty powerful. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for listening.


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          yes, please add shoe mileage tracking

          I just bought my Forerunner 305 and started using this site. I love this site! But, I'm still having to use a separate log for my shoe mileage. I have set myself up on due to the shoe tracking capability they have, however, I like the look/feel of this site better.
          Please do add the functionality to keep equipment/shoes used on activities including tracking of shoe mileage. Allow multiple pairs of shoes to be active for folks who switch..
 does this, several other free sites do as well so at least the models of how it can and should work are out there.
          Thanks for having this area of the forum for us to ask for new features!


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            Forerunner 405

            Great!! +1
            Gear traking needed!
            Zapatillas Con Velcro []


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              Tracker and maintenance log

              For bikes it would be fantastic to be able to track components at a greater level of detail.

              For example, I would like to enter chain and tyre replacements, wheel replacements, casette replacements and so on and so forth.

              Clearly the level of detail, or the number of components in the set of equipment that the user wants to use to make up the bike will differ from user to user.

              Being able to log a truing of a wheel for example would be nice. It is not equipment replacement as such, but it is a re-occurring event and it is interesting to know how often this happens.


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                Anyone out there?

                Garmin? Hello? It's been two years since this thread started and a gear tracker hasn't been implemented. How hard could this be to code? This feature is essential to most athlete's training.


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                  Really quite astonishing.... I was asking the same by email.

                  And while programming: Why are we limited to the "Cycling" and the other seven bikes? Sorry, I have had more bikes, even such from renting, lending from colleagues, stolen, broken etc.
                  It would be great to say Bike-Brand-Year-Month-Colour-etc and have a list.

                  In general: When I see the non-flexibility of I think of the the FDA (Federal Drug Association) where everything as to be documented and where nothing can be changed. Sorry: If we cheat on the km, we cheat ourself. If you have issues on that: just mark that the data has been altered.

                  Thanks and hoping for soon good news. The iPhone App from the competitor is starting to be quite attractive...

                  Best regards, Georges

                  Who wants, can.... (....mostly)



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                    Originally posted by SEILOGRAMP View Post
                    Just so you know, gear tracking is planned for a future update.
                    So, what do you think?
                    when will equipment integrated in garmin connect?


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                      Originally posted by FLOWREAN View Post
                      So, what do you think?
                      when will equipment integrated in garmin connect?
                      Check out the GC Help Screen, the What's New tab.

                      "Track Mileage on your gear" is now listed in the Coming Soon section, which one could assume means in the next release.


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                        Gear Tracker Update???

                        Last post about a Gear Tracker was in July! It's now early November... are you listening Garmin (thread has been active for 2+ years)?!


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                          + 1,000,000,000


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                            Gear Tracker Please!!! +1


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                              Gear tracking is needed!


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                                This is a feature that should have been added long ago.