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Manually override BMR to have more accurate daily calories.

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  • Manually override BMR to have more accurate daily calories.

    As many people in the forum, I noted that the BMR is largely overestimated.
    For me it should be 1750 (Based on my body composition), and Garmin has it at 2000+.
    The result is that my daily calories are at 3000+ with minimal activity, which is way above what is reasonable.
    It is weird that an expensive device tracking steps and HR does worse than rule of thumbs formulas we find everywhere on the web.
    This should be an easy fix, just allowing to manually set BMR, but it hasn't reached a high priority on Garmin's side.

    On the support chat, this was the answer when I asked if they could forward this to the people in charge of feature development:
    I will put forth the feedback, as you have said you are not the first person to request more information for that one. And the more times we hear about something the more likely it is to be a change.
    I do have to say as of right now I have not heard of it coming down the pipeline I just don't want to set the expectation of it coming around the bend. But it is feedback we hear and are looking to improve upon.

    Everyone who has this problem should then contact Garmin, otherwise it won't be fixed.

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    You can set it in myfitnesspal and garmin will use that number.