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I would like to import my food diary from Cronometer instead of Myfitnesspal

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  • I would like to import my food diary from Cronometer instead of Myfitnesspal

    Please allow importing food calories from I do not like using Myfitnesspal. I currently use a combination of Garmin and Fitbit data, it would be much nicer if I could report my food calories to Garmin Connect as well.

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    I would like this as well. Do the other things work listed on the cronometer site work well with Garmin connect?.
    It is ONE of the determinants in whether I get the Fitbit or a Garmin but Cronometer is not negotiable!
    That app puts MFP to shame.


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      the connection that exists now is activity calories are sent from Garmin connect to Cronometer but Garmin Connect does not import the food calories from Cronometer.

      I have used fitbit for years to log activity and food. Recently started tracking my food in Cronometer as it has a much better macro tracking and I find it easier to maintain a daily diary. The fitbit conection does import activity to Cronometer and it enters a single food entry in the Fitbit data for each day. It even keeps updating that entry as I log food through out the day.

      I would just like the same functionality. Even if it had to go to myfitnesspal database first. I just want to avoid having to enter my food multiple times in different apps.


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        I have the two way food data with my fitbit but don't even look at the food intake there. Even removed the tile from my dashboard.

        Just on cronometer because the calculation of burn and deficit actually seem more accurate for me on cronometer [and adjustable) than the algorithm fitbit uses. I do consult Cronometer and if my deficit for the day is not enough work that many more "excercise calories" off.

        But cronometer runs circles around MFP and I gather the restriction is on garmin's and not on their end.


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          I don't want to be forced to use any app to transfer my calories into Garmin. Why can't we just manually add our calories to Garmin instead of being forced to use MFP? I use MyNetDiary because I'm diabetic and it's the best for that....but I have to manually enter my BLD totals into MFP at the end of each day since I use the Garmin app to track everything and I'm not going to start paying annual fees just to auto sync.


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            I would like to see an option to use cronometer as well.


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              I would like it to and I have couple of friends who would switch to our Garmin side if you do that