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splits - ability to add splits after uploading to Connect

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    Originally posted by MGIBSON12 View Post
    Why, after years of customers begging for this feature, is it still not avail??

    This, this, and more this. Seriously Garmin? Your customers are paying top dollar for a premiere device, why do lesser companies have this feature while you still do not? I was originally going to suggest a segment search feature, but after searching and finding this (and realizing that you haven't implemented it since the original request in what, 2009?), I don't really feel there's much point in requesting. When I go to replace my 910xt I'll be looking long and hard at the competition. Yours may still be the best at that time, but you're not exactly endearing yourselves to your customers.


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      Did this ever get added and I just don't know how to do it? I just did 6 and on the website it's showing a single split. I wish I could break it into 1 mile splits without setting my watch to auto-lap.


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        Yep, I guess we can check in every 5 years or so and see if this very basic and obvious feature has yet been implemented! (Ya know, you can download the TCX file, split it in any variety of GPS editors, then re-upload it, but wow, this is 2019!


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          I realize this is not exactly what people want, but you can use https://www.runalyze (which is free), syncs with Garmin Connect, and lets you add splits by any time or distance, after the fact. The downside is there's no app (yet) and the site is not exactly mobile-friendly.