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    Is it necessary to set sleep times for bed and wake times. I always need to edited it every day. I can still be awake at midnight or later and says I went to sleep 22.24 and I can wake at 6am for work but says I wake 7.35 for an example. Not sure why it does that

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    I set my sleep times years ago and then ignored them since. As far as I can tell, it doesn't really affect the sleep calculation as that's done automatically by Connect based on your watch's movement data. My actual sleep time bears no relation to what I set on my watch. At one time, I thought that the settings were the equivalent of a "do not disturb" setting but my watch still notifies me during my defined sleep time.

    I could be wrong but do as I do. Set it and forget about it.


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      I find the same as share. My actual sleep times as recorded by Connect from Fenix 5 depends upon when I actually fall asleep and when I awake innate morning. If I don't get but immediately the time is recorded as awake. I am not so sure about theme between by getting into bed and falling asleep.