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Garmin Connect Group Membership Problems

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  • Garmin Connect Group Membership Problems

    I can't see a section for Garmin Connect Groups so sorry if I've posted in the wrong place.

    Having created a group and added a few members, I can't seem to add any more. If I invite people the link doesn't work. If they request to join I get:
    Page Not Found

    We're sorry. The page you're looking for no longer exists.

    Am I doing something wrong?



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    I would also like the answer to this question. I was planning on doing a group challenge this month with a prize at the end. It's a special anniversary challenge. :/


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      I have the same issue - I have made a group, invited members, they could not accept the invitation for some reason, so I made the group public but with a need to accept all participants. When the members sent a request to join the group and I received an email about it from Garmin Connect, followed the link, an error page showed up " Page Not Found. We're sorry. The page you're looking for no longer exists." every time I followed the link in the email. I cannot seem to find the page where the requests are registered in Garmin Connect to be able to accept them without having to go through the email links. Please help.