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  • Default activities graph on profile

    Hello all,

    In the profile page there is a graph showing the number of activities you have done in the last months for running, biking and swimming sessions.
    I don't know if this is a missing personlization feature or something i didn't see, but as I don't swim, I would like to select another regular activity of mine (walking or hiking for example)
    Is there any way to define the activity types to be used in this graph ?


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    I have exactly the same question. I use my Garmin watch (with heart rate monitor on) to track my gym sessions, which I class as the activity type 'Strength Training'. However this results in them not showing up in the Activities graph on my profile, which only shows Running, Cycling and Swimming (blue, red and yellow lines). I like this graph as it is a quick snapshot of how active I am and doesn't require me to go into the reports section and have to build that type of report from scratch each time.

    Is there any way to customise the type of activities you want to see on your home profile activities graph? (other than Running, Cycling and Swimming)


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      I would like to add Hiking and walking.


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        Any hints on that subject ? should I add a feature request for it ?
        It's too bad for a platform that is now handeling so much activities to keep displays like this...