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  • Hi Mike,
    That worked a treat.


    • Hey guys!

      I just found out that the last year edition from the triathlon I did yesterday is not in my garmin, something must have happened. So I was thinking, could it be possible for you to change the fit file for yesterdays track to be for last year? It is only needed a date change and the times changes? That would be awesome as I was trying to do it by myself and I'm not really able to deal with the fit tool in my laptop.

      The activity was 8th April 2017 and these are the timings:
      Swim: 12.45
      T1: 1.38
      Bike: 30.40
      T2: 1.14
      Run: 16.58

      Thank you so much!
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      • hi Luisenramos,

        I have been able to change the date of the file as requested. I am however, unable to adjust the file to the times requested as I haven't been able to work out a reliable to do it.

        Give this file a try.

        All file repairs are done using the Fit File Repair Tool.

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