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Wrong Elevation readings

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  • Wrong Elevation readings

    I uploaded my activity the other day and it said that I had climbed 435m in elvation when the highest thing I had been over was a 5 metre overbridge!!! also I know that my elevation shouldnt be that high has I hav done the ride mant times before and only had about 100m in elevation...

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    What device are you using?
    Have turned on "elevation corrections" on Garmin Connect?


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      The climb is a sum of all climbing during the activity. Even if all you have is deviations of a couple meters along your route, it adds up if you are encountering a lot of them on a long ride. But if you believe previous rides to be correct, then hopefully it's a one time thing. Sometimes starting out too soon after you get a satellite lock causes issues. Is there anything on the graphs that suggest such. How does the elevation graph compare to previous rides on that route?
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        the elevation graph suggests the right thing but the elevation gain is completely up the pole...
        it also does when I upload to strava...
        Im using a Edge 305
        maybe time to get a 510???